Dry Bones Live!

“I promise.” When we hear those two words it causes us to place value in a commitment. Even if the commitment was nothing more than hope or a dream previously, a promise brings a vision to life. I am certain that the majority of times people speak those two words they sincerely intend to fulfill their promise. Unfortunately, there are also times when someone either makes a ‘promise’ without an intention to deliver, or they promise something that they are unable to deliver. Either way, a promise brings a high level of expectation, and a broken promise will not only destroy that expectation but will also restrict the birthing of new expectations.

Most of us are similar in our desire to secure a promise from someone who is linked to our success in anything that truly matters to us. It assures us that a commitment has been made. There is only one thing I have found that is way better that a man-made promise and that is a ‘Promise’ from our Heavenly Father.

There are many voices in the world today that laugh and mock the thought of a Creator speaking a promise to mere humans, but we can have a one-on-one relationship with our God hear His voice as He speaks to our hearts. The Bible is loaded with promises that generations have stood on and proven to be true. In addition, our God is very active in our everyday life and in our lifetime we often receive from Him a promise!

One thing I know to be true, God KEEPS His promises. It doesn’t matter how the circumstances appear, it may seem hopeless and over. In fact, it can seem like the door is shut on your promise and there is nothing left to do. Go ahead, walk away from that shut door and proclaim from your crushed spirit that Gods Promise is dead. It’s buried behind that tightly closed door. Walk away with your wounded spirit stabbing away at your very soul, but as you walk away… listen. Gods Promise is alive and if you listen, you can still hear a rustling behind that door!

Ezekiel 37 describes this scenario as ‘Dry Bones.’ Dry bones are as dead as it gets in the natural, but still not dead enough to discourage God or prevent Him from fulfilling a promise. We look at that pile of bones and see complete death. God looks on that same valley of bones and says, “I couldn’t do what I wanted before, but now all that old flesh is gone,” “I will call again, and if they LISTEN…!”  You see to God, a promise is never forgotten or broken.

Have you ever noticed the definition of ‘Promise?’ PROMISE means,  ‘an assurance that someone one will definitely do, give, or arrange something; undertake or declare that something will happen.’

I don’t know about you, but I have some God-given PROMISES that I expect to see come to pass. I have personally experienced that ‘burning bush’ moment when God called me to start Del Rio Ministries and Faith Family. I have yet to see those promises fulfilled, but I know that even DRY BONES can hear the Word of the Lord and come to life to complete their purpose. The words to that song we sometime sing says it all, “All of Your promises won’t let go of me!” Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your promise lives or dies according to this flesh. Just like the vision of Ezekiel, God can call forth dry bones to fulfill His promise. In fact, there are times it might be easier for Him to work with dry bones. Less resistance.

God Bless You!

Pastor Rick

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