A Lesson From Noah

Are you one of those people who like to be in control of your own life? I will admit that I am. From the early days of my life I have relied on myself to get by, but only with (and this is key) the help of God. I trust Gods ability to lead me and I can tell you that He has never failed. Many times I have felt the leading of the Holy Spirit to go to a place or do something that is out of the norm for me, but I know to trust God. He will never lead me to a place or situation that is wrong for me. While it may seem proper to be the director of your own life, as long as you remain subject to the Holy Spirit, what about those times that the Holy Spirit simply says, “Give me the reigns, sit back, and let me take this?”

I am sure that above all we want to be obedient, so we submit to the Will of the Holy Spirit, but yet we feel somewhat apprehensive. We trust in Gods great love for us, but who among us has not learned that sometimes Gods Divine Will takes us to places we really don’t want to go. This isn’t because God wants to distress us or make us uncomfortable, it’s simply that God continually looks ahead in our life and has a complete understanding of what lies ahead. He knows what we must face, and He prepares us for those things. He also knows what we can avoid, and he wants to direct our lives around those things. So often I see people who have faced some great tragedy that ravages their life and I find myself thanking God that I haven’t experienced those things in my own life. Why did it happen to them and not me? I believe that the simple answer to that question is that it hit them and missed me. The enemy’s intended tragedy simply didn’t collide with my path.

In most every situation when calamity strikes we can find an afterthought like; ‘if only I had…’ “If only I had not turned down that street,” “If only I had kept my child home that day.”  “If only I had been delayed two short minutes leaving my house.” So many ‘what if’ tormenting thoughts can come to mind as we grieve a loss or a tragedy. We can’t live our life by ‘what if,’ and we know that we could all do better if we could live a life of second chances and hindsight. It is for this reason that we should learn to let the Holy Spirit take the reigns of our life whenever He wants, and be aware of when He wants.

Noah received detailed instructions when God directed him to build the Ark. This wasn’t an insignificant undertaking for Noah, as the very lives of his entire family and the future of the human race rested in Noah’s hands and his ability to follow Gods instruction completely.  When we read about the construction of the Ark, there is one detail that is curiously missing; a system for navigation. There is no mention of a sail, or a rudder, nor any plans for Noah to direct where the Ark would travel or where it would come to rest. The reason was that navigating the Ark was totally in Gods hands.

There are times when God gives us specific instruction, often instruction that we really can’t comprehend, and when we have followed Gods instruction we then sit in our safe place and let God take us where He wills. It is in these times that we have no control, and often have any way to control our direction. Even so, we feel completely safe knowing that God cares for us, and He is taking control. When we reach the right place, we may emerge to face a completely different world, or we may not see a change at all. What’s up with that? I have learned that ‘what’s up with that,’ is that God has kept us from a tragedy that we will never experience because we let Him lead us around it. I owe Him my sincerest gratitude for all the times God has safely navigated me around the disasters the enemy intended for me. So many things I will never face because He kept them from colliding with my path. I pray I will always know when to sit back and let God navigate me, and never be concerned about how it must look to others, or how helpless it may cause me to feel at the moment.

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