The Lord WILL Work Out His Plans For My Life!

Are you still waiting for unanswered prayers or wondering when your life will go as God planned? Don’t give up or feel discouraged! Follow David’s approach to encouragement in Psalm 138. David begins with praises to God;
“I give You thanks, O LORD, with all my heart; I will sing Your praises before the gods.”
David took great pleasure in praising God in front of false idols and those who worshipped them. You see, God takes notice when His people take a stand for Him among the world. David wasn’t afraid to draw attention to himself because he fully expected God to work on his behalf, and wanted the world to see it. As Christians, we are the Light of the World and should continually allow our lives to call attention to our Heavenly Father, and to keep the world watching to see if God moves on our behalf. We have a tendency to hide in the shadows when it’s clear that we need help, then spring into the light where all can see when things are good. David wasn’t afraid to let the world know when he was in trouble so that they would take notice when God came to his rescue. David went on to explain why he had this confidence in verse 2;
“I praise Your name for Your unfailing love and faithfulness; for Your promises are backed by all the honor of Your name.”
You have a reason to be confident! God will honor His promises. They are backed by the honor of His name!
David went on singing about the goodness of God, pausing only briefly to mention that he was surrounded by troubles, and that God had everything under control. He then ends this psalm with a powerful thought that should hold us secure today;
“The LORD will work out His plans for my life—for Your faithful love, O LORD, endures forever. Don’t abandon me, for You made me.”

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