Oh No, Not Again?

I don’t usually use my blog for political speeches, but we are in unusual times so here goes…

As we near the end of this disastrous political season we hear several voices calling for a Presidential run by Elizabeth Warren and others who share her socialist ideas. Ms. Warren was my Senator while living in Massachusetts and I wasn’t at all impressed. I confess, I just have to shake my head when I see people rejoice over the tearing down of our nation and freedoms in search of a liberal utopia.

You would hope that after the last six years we would have had enough of this amateur hour in DC. We tried radical liberal ideas and now we suffer with more people at the poverty level than any other modern time, a disastrous health insurance program that has dropped more people that it has added to the insured AND horrifically increases deductibles and out of pocket expenses, racial tensions that look more like the sixties, families paying MUCH higher prices for essentials while making an average $5000 LESS than in 2008, and a world filled with danger while we continue to weaken our military and frankly look like a bunch of sissies. The reason the far left thinks these policies has failed? We didn’t go far enough to the left. (Unbelievable) I hope and pray there are many others like myself who are ready to send some grown-ups to Washington in 2016. At least it shouldn’t be too hard for people to see through the feel-good speeches this time around now that we have all been the victims of this tragically failed experiment.


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