Your God-Given Dreams Are Gods Purpose For You!

Gods Spirit in us inspires us to dream. God-inspired dreams are never irrelevant, insignificant, or unattainable, they are Gods thoughts and desires for us and His hope is that we will cling to them and bring them to pass. Our commitment to fulfilling our dreams is key. The thing we desire the most, we will pursue the most. It’s like that pearl of great price that Jesus spoke of in Matthew 13:44. The thing that has so much value to us that we are willing to let go of everything else to own it.

Do you have a dream that seems impossible at times? Remember that God is the Giver of dreams, and He doesn’t birth impossible dreams. Don’t let the things of this world crowd your life and steal your hope to reach that great place that God intends for you to reach. After all, it was God who gave you that dream, and it is God who will help you reach it, but you must make it your heart’s desire, your pearl of great price.


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