Summer Interrupted

Sometime around the end of last year I broke several bones in my foot. My doctor (at the time) misdiagnosed me, as he was given the wrong information from the one who took the x-rays. As a result, I kept on walking on broken bones. This caused extensive damage to my foot. So much damage that it became a possibility that I could lose my leg below the knee. After a few months, my wife finally had enough of my lack of proper treatment and took me to another hospital where a proper diagnosis was made. After a short stay, I was released and told to stay off that foot 100% of the time and possibly I would be able to walk on it in several months…. somewhat, again. When I asked if I would be able to get outdoors and walk before the Summer ends, my doctor responded with, “Let’s focus on saving your leg right now.” That moment was unsettling, to say the least.

Well good news! I am now able to walk about 50% of the time now and hope to be even more so in the near future. I thank God that I am able to return to a normal lifestyle again. I have already missed out on so much. I have been told that long hikes will never again be in my future, but I do not accept that. I know God just makes things work again.

In this time, I have learned to appreciate things I once took for granted. I have a new compassion for anyone who is handicapped, especially those who will never recover. I can say that I will certainly be more attentive to their needs in the future. I have started this new dedication by redesigning the Handicap Accessibility features in our church. Have you ever noticed that there are not many wheelchairs in churches? Is it because we haven’t made it convenient enough for them? Now I know what it is like to decide to stay home instead of going out with family because of the uncertainty of the accessibility in an unknown place, or a place that is usually crowded.



Again, I am so thankful that my situation did not get worse and I am well on the road to recovery. I tried to not complain, and every time I wanted to I would see a young man or woman with missing limbs, most likely lost while fighting for our freedom. I would think of good people that I know who will likely never rise from their wheelchair to resume normal activities. That makes a guy like me, with all I have to be thankful for, feel petty for any self-pity.


Rick King


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