The Power of Third–Party Prayer

I have many unforgettable moments about raising my five children, each one is priceless because I have the best children ever, but one particular memory came to me today as I was praying. It hasn’t been many years ago, back when my boys were fairly young. (I think Jon was about 11 and Jason 4 or 5 years old) Jon wanted something, and apparently he really, really wanted it, but I told him no and was holding firm to that answer. I don’t remember what the ‘it’ was Jon longed for now, but I remember the circumstances surrounding this memory very vividly. Several times Jon would plead his cause with me, each time hoping to change my ‘no’ to a yes. “Nope, not this time, Jonathan” ”No way”, I said, “so drop it!”

After a while, Jon gave a deep sigh and walked away. Meanwhile, Jason, who had been watching all of this quietly, walked up to me with a pleading look in his eyes. I remember this little brother was so moved by his big brothers desire that he was obviously heavy hearted.  He came up to me and said, “Dad, Jon really does need that.” Looking me square in the eyes he added, “Please, get it for him.” Well, that was it for me!

It wasn’t that Jason had more favor than Jon; my mind was made up. What changed the discussion was the fact that someone cared enough for his brother to speak up on his behalf. A third party entered the picture and I was suddenly moved by the care and the compassion! The amazing thing was that when big brother got whatever it was he wanted, little brother was the one most pleased!

As I watched this rerun play out in my mind while praying today, I began to understand what God was teaching me. He was teaching me the power of third party prayer! Don’t misunderstand me I have always placed the highest value on the prayers of others for my life and ministry. Suddenly today, I began to realize why those third party prayers have such an impact; they move God just as that incident with my sons moved me. I know the power of prayer. I am alive today and living a very Blessed life because of the power of prayer. Today more than ever before I highly value the prayers of others in my life. The act of a third party pleading to God on my behalf is one of the most accurate and detailed images of Christ Himself! It moves the heart of God into action. God cares for you, just as I already cared for Jonathan, but when someone else stands up to plead your cause, it challenges Gods heart into action, just as this incident did me.

I thank God for the people in my life that pray for me, my family, and for Faith Springs Ministries. I rest in those prayers and I count on those prayers to make it through the day. We should rise every morning and let the Holy Spirit guide us to pray for someone other than ourselves. Somebody needs you to step up and make that third-party prayer, straight from your heart.

Let’s not forget the blessings that come to us when we pray for others, remember how little brother was the one most pleased? Do you truly want to be Christ-like? This is possibly your greatest opportunity to be just that; Christ-like!

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