Something Is About To Happen!

 I heard a man stand up awhile back and give his opinion of the church that he attended and I learned a lot from this this story. 

The church had called a meeting to hear from it’s members about ways to improve things. The question presented that night was simple: “Why do people choose to come or not to come to our services?” When asked for opinions, this man blurted out, “I’ll tell you what keeps me coming to this church.”  Every eye in the house was on him and ears wide open. Everyone must have had their own idea of what class or program caused this gentleman to be so sold out to his church. Surly he must be so encouraged by a particular program that he continued to be loyal to this church. The odd thing here was that this gentleman rarely spoke to anyone about anything.

 “I’ll tell you,” he said, “what keeps me coming to this church,” (every head turned in his direction). The sudden rush of the peoples attention made him hesitate,  but he went on. “It’s strange, I know, but I get the feeling here, like nowhere else, that something is about to happen.”

Have you ever had that feeling? Maybe a strong premonition or a strange notion that something big was about to happen and you didn’t want to miss it for the world. If you speak too much about this feeling to others, you are likely to be labeled as a weirdo, and yet the earliest Christians would have recognized this feeling of anticipation instantly as a sign of the Holy Spirit at work. They were convinced that they stood on the threshold of history, and that something was about to happen, and did in fact did happen daily. I can assure you that even the unsaved world, even though they continued life as usual, had to feel something happening too!

 I believe that Christians today should live their lives with eager anticipation that something is about to happen. SOMETHING GOOD IS COMING INTO FULL VIEW! We are truly living in the last days and Jesus is eagerly waiting for the order to return for His Church. With the tremendous love and compasion that God has for His people, I can assure you that in the last days He will pull out all stops to bring in the Harvest; 

When something big begins to happen in the spiritual realm, it brings about an anticipation in the natural. When baby Moses was pulled from that river, I can assure you that those present felt a sense of anticipation of things to come. When that shepherd boy picked up five stones and walked up to that mad, ranting giant, there was a sense that SOMETHING WAS ABOUT TO HAPPEN! When the angel came to visit Mary to tell her she was going to have a child; and when the star appeared to those wise men from afar, THIS ENTIRE UNIVERSE was filled with anticipation , an expectation that SOMETHING WAS ABOUT TO HAPPEN! It was that same feeling of anticipation that kept people hanging around the Upper Room in Acts chapter 2. 

Recent evidence of a major stirring that I would like to present for you to consider, is a simple look at the signs. Jesus instructed us to ‘watch the signs’ that warn of His return. One such sign is our rapidly changing weather patterns. While not everyone will agree with me on this, I believe that whenever there is a major stirring in the spiritual realm, it is always mirrored in the physical realm. The old testament speaks of whirlwinds, rain, droughts, and other signs at the same moment that miracles were taking place. We see the same pattern in the New Testament; an earthquake at the Crucifixion, storms at sea before mighty works, and so on. When you look at the past links and listen to the words of Christ, it seems evident to me that the spirit world is solidly connected to our natural, physical planet. With this in mind, do you remember ever seeing such strange patterns in our weather and the numerous ways our planet is vocalizing itself, as if it is crying out to God; “Come Lord Jesus!” Something is about to happen, and that ‘something’ is the return of Jesus Christ! 

God paid the ultimate price to save us; don’t think for a moment that He won’t do everything possible to bring in a great Harvest before sending His Son to take us out of here. He isn’t playing out a ‘gottcha’ plan with man, but He does have a Saving plan. While the world is focused on politics and gas prices, the dedicated church is hearing a whisper and feeling a tug deep in their spirit; Something is about to happen. I believe that we are about to see the greatest spiritual awakening this world has known, if we want it. In my lifetime I have not witnessed such a longing and a hunger for a true visitation from the Holy Spirit. Indeed, something is about to happen; are you ready?

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