Our ‘Fair Share.’ REALLY?

I am really tired of the phrase; ‘Fair Share.’ It’s not that the idea is a bad one, nor am I suggesting that any group of people should have seven apples while another group only has four. My premise is the way those apples are earned. America’s top leader (for now) has a distorted view of fairness and how it is that certain people have managed to position themselves financially above others. Perhaps the reason for this is that Mr. Obama has never worked a ‘real’ job and possibly believes that everyone should be able to hop and skip their way to success as he did. Whatever our president’s beliefs truly are, he has chosen for political reasons to preach the message of ‘Fair Share.’  We are being bombarded with speeches that tell us Mr. X isn’t paying his fair share so Mr Y isn’t receiving his due. We have also learned that the guy at the car wash isn’t getting his ‘fair share’ because he makes less than the guy who designs bridges and skyscrapers.

Our ‘Fair Share’ Mr. President? Let me explain this, oh great one; As for those who won’t work, they shouldn’t eat, and that IS their ‘Fair Share.’ (See 2 Thessalonians 3:10) For those who didn’t take the time to be the best they could be, they have willingly settled for less and THAT IS their ‘Fair Share.’  Those among us who made the free choice to rise early, stay up late, make the sacrifices necessary to build a business or career; those who have never wasted countless hours watching Survivor, American Idol, or the Kardashions, those who have lost forever the priceless family moments because they were busy at their workplace, are also reaping their ‘FAIR SHARE.’

It isn’t about opportunities in America; we are all blessed with that. It is about Choices, Mr. Obama. Perhaps you didn’t learn this in Kenya or wherever you grew up, but it is about CHOICES here in America, and thank God Americans still have the freedom to make them on their own. As for those whimpering Americans, recognize your freedom to make choices and understand the consequences of those choices.

I normally keep my blog on the spiritual side and avoid politics, but this I can’t ignore. Perhaps the real invitation for me to join this debate came as the liberals in this country began to distort this ‘fair share’ doctrine as being Christ-like. False, false, and false! Jesus taught us that men get what they work for, and that they should be willing to work. He also taught us that the amount we put into something determined what we get back from it. (Luke 6:38) Jesus never advocated that slackers should receive the same amount of ‘apples’ as those who made a total commitment to their labor.

America is in trouble, yet it remains the greatest nation on earth. We must not allow this doctrine of jealousy and entitlements destroy us. Let’s get it right America!

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