I’ll Finish Tomorrow

Have you felt as if you couldn’t finish the day’s task because time ran out? I can’t say how many times I have gone to bed disappointed that so much was left undone and promising myself that I would ‘finish tomorrow.’

This morning I received word that my cousin went to be with the Lord. He was a good man, a man who loved God and lived his life according to the Word. When the time comes for you to die, and that time has been appointed to us all, there is no greater testimony to anyone’s life than this.

I was told that my cousin was fine when he went to bed. No doubt he fell asleep thinking about all the things left undone that he would tackle in the morning. He may have gassed his car up that evening, filled his calendar with appointments, and possibly even determined what to wear the next day. Like the rest of us he went to bed with plans for tomorrow. Sadly, sometime during the night he suffered a stroke that took his life hours later.

It’s hard to say goodbye to a family member who has always been there. It brings sadness to know someone you care about will never take another breath or walk another step in this life. The beautiful side of this story is that we know that my cousin is resting in the Presence of God because of his Faith. Wow! What a comfort to those close to him! Can you imagine not knowing the eternal fate of a loved one?

I believe that in all things we learn lessons. As we face disappointments and even great victories, we should look around us and find the precious lessons of great value. After receiving word about my cousin today the lesson I have learned is this; … Whether a tree falls north or south, it stays where it falls. (Ecclesiastes 11:3 NLT)

It doesn’t matter what my plans for tomorrow are if I have no tomorrow. It is ever so important to live our life complete spiritually. I can go to sleep without finishing my paperwork or making all my notes for tomorrow, but there are things that should not be put off until tomorrow, for we have no guarantee we have another day. We should place the highest priority on maintaining our relationship with Christ, and our relationship with our loved ones. Never miss an opportunity to express your love to either one of those!

It’s probably a good idea to run this mental check once in a while:
Imagine that your life stopped five seconds ago. Pause for a bit and think of the things that are undone in your life at that moment. I am sure we would all have many things we would have liked to have completed, but what stands out the most to you? The last comments you made to loved ones? Things left unsaid that can never be said? Prayers you meant to pray but never got around to it? Maybe you intended to tell some one. “I am sorry.” Perhaps there is someone you needed to forgive. Maybe you simply intended to get closer to God, but thought it could wait. When your life stops, everything you have done is all you will do. “Whether a tree falls north or south, it stays where it falls”.

I am sure that my cousin, like many others who have passed away, left much undone. But my cousin had the most important things covered; his relationship with Christ and his testimony of Faith. Life continues with little interruption until we face the inevitable disruption that comes to us all. We can’t be prepared to leave nothing undone, but God help us to live our lives properly prioritized, with the most important things covered and ready for an unexpected exit.

Dwight Thomason.A Good Man Who Was Ready For A Better Place!


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