2011, A Year of Unraveling and Establishing

I mentioned in a previous blog that I would return and write about the things God has revealed to me about 2011. I think my delay might have been from a desire to skip over this subject because it involves some uncomfortable topics.

First let me say that Time and Seasons are important to us, because they are important to God. Specific calendar dates, or anniversary dates, have historically been recognized as a time to stop and reflect, redirect, and expect new things. The Jewish people continue to observe certain ancient Religious Holidays because they understand these dates to be more than marks on a calendar, but they are specific moments in time to God and should be recognized as such. The beginning of a New Year also marks a new season, and often a new direction in Gods flow. This certainly applies to this year, 2011.

Late in 2010 as I spent time in prayer about this New Year, I reflected on the things God revealed to me in recent years. Some of you may remember or you may still have the recordings of those revelations. I am amazed at how accurate those revelations have been, and also how they have been fulfilled in such a timely manner. We all know that some Promises and Revelations from the Holy Spirit can seem to take a lifetime to be fulfilled. Because of the swiftness of the fulfillment of events over the past three years, I have no doubt that we have already entered into a season of Rapid Fulfillment of Gods Promises, and an Outpouring of works of the Holy Spirit that will operate without delay and with urgency.

Now, let me share what the Holy Spirit has revealed to me about 2011. Some of these topics are an extension of the things I spoke about last year, some are not.
1. A Season of Unraveling
In past decades, especially after the turn of the last century, mankind has been graced with great achievements in technologies. Medical breakthroughs, inventions, discoveries, wisdom unmatched in recorded history has catapulted this generation light years ahead of all others. Think about the discoveries of the last hundred years! In the year 1911, who could have dreamed that man would flawlessly fly from one continent to the other in just a few hours, or have massive Ocean Liners the size of football stadiums? Who in 1911 could have imagined traveling high tech modern interstates in a Lincoln Navigator or Chevy Camaro? Think about Fast Food drive-thru windows, microwave ovens, space exploration, movies on CD, cell phones, churches with multimedia Worship, and (Thank God) Air Conditioning and indoor plumbing!

Medical breakthroughs over the past hundred years have stopped many diseases dead in their tracks and have added years of good living to men and women. Vaccines have been discovered that protect us and our children from horrific diseases that take lives far too soon. Some diseases have been declared eliminated altogether.

As the Holy Spirit began to remind me of all our advancements in technologies, I began to understand clearly what I should have already known; the Holy Spirit was the source of this great Wisdom in the first place.

The great achievements of the last century came from Wisdom granted to men by the Holy Spirit with the intended purpose of enhancing our lives. Remember the words of Jesus in John 10:10, “The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.” Thanks to this Outpouring of Wisdom, our lives have been enhanced and satisfying beyond anything we could have imagined.

Now for the negative side of this:
The Holy Spirit began to reveal that, in spite of all Gods Blessings, we have refused to acknowledge the ‘Giver’ of these things. Instead, we have become arrogant and have foolishly gorged on selfish pride. We changed from a Generation who once stopped, bowed their heads and declared, “Look what God has done!” to a Generation that declares, “Look what I have done!”

There is always a price to pay when we omit God. Not because God wants to punish us, but because we have an enemy who wants to destroy us. (Reference above scripture from Matthew) Because this Generation has refused to Honor the Giver of these many good things, and has instead filled themselves with pride, we have entered into a season of ‘Unraveling.’ Wisdom that has been acquired, tested, and even proven, will be brought into question as we see the things we have relied upon unravel. Solved Mysteries will once again be Unsolved. Some diseases will stop responding to the technologies that once proved to be an effective form of treatment. We will see a great shaking in the technologies we have relied on in the Aerospace, Automotive, and even in Agriculture and Architecture.

As God begins to resend the great gifts He has given to this Generation, He will freely give them to those who truly KNOW and SERVE Him! He is taking knowledge and Blessings from the world and putting them into the hands of His people who have been TESTED and found capable of receiving them!

This may seem a little hard to believe, but look at what we have recently seen; would you have imagined an oil leak in the Gulf that we couldn’t immediately repair? Consider the massive earthquakes, volcanoes, civil unrest and financial turmoil. Mankind is already being stripped of the false security blanket we have wrapped ourselves in.

When you see these things happen, have no fear! It is simply an unraveling of the established order so that God can strip this Generation of its foolish pride and self-worth, and return to their Creator!

2. The second thing we will see is an ESTABLISHING of Gods Justice!
I don’t mean to imply that every real or imagined wrong you have encountered will be rectified, but I am telling you that your time of wandering aimlessly and living without an impact can be over! The Holy Spirit has led you through many valleys and over many mountains so that you could be ready to receive in this Great Season! It is a season of Restoring for Gods people who have been waiting, watching, and believing for this moment in time. Forget about the offenses and stop wasting your life waiting for apologies that will never come. Instead, let your Heavenly Father reward you with His Justice! I feel such a strong stirring even as I write this! Every tool you need to work the Harvest is now available for the taking! Don’t settle for mediocre, go for the Championship! You might say, “Yea, I tried that before.” Well it wasn’t the season before; I dare you to try it again now!

Many have an inheritance that has been kept from them. It is rightfully yours, but someone or some thing is standing in the way, refusing to let you collect what belongs to you. THIS YEAR an anointing has been released to break through those prison bars that hold your inheritance captive. Receive it! Stop thinking ‘I tried that last year.’ THIS is the year! As God begins to pull back His abundance from this Generation, he is looking forward to a Season of ‘Showing Off’ to those who hold steadfast!

As companies who once were the Darlings of Wall Street fall into decay, and the things that once held value are deflated, God will lift up those who truly trust in Him and will delight Himself in their success! The world is about to be exposed to an unveiling of God’s Favor bestowed on His People who are truly His. What a time to be alive!

This isn’t a season of worry and fear for Gods children. The world is already in a tailspin and fear has already griped the hearts of those who rely on their own might, but Gods people have no worries! Remember that.

I hope to write soon about the effects of this New Season on the Church and Ministries. Churches, you better brace yourselves for an impact that is out of this world!
God Bless You,
Pastor Rick

The Kings

The Kings

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