Dry Bones Receive Purpose!

I love the story of Ezekiel in the 37th chapter of the book that bears his name, Dry Bones!  It paints a vivid picture of how God views our hopeless situations, even when the facts reveal complete lifelessness. This story reveals so much about our life, our hopes, and our purpose! We learn from this illustration that hopeless situations are never hopeless situations unless God is no longer concerned or aware of them! Ezekiel saw dead dry bones, but God looked upon that valley and saw a Mighty Army!  There was only one thing that stood between death and life in those bones, and that was the Breath of Almighty God! That Breath has LIFE for any situation, but those bones could not receive it until a series of events could first take place.

FIRST: Ezekiel had to be ‘taken up in the Spirit’ where he could hear God speak to him. “The LORD took hold of me, and I was carried away by the Spirit of the LORD to a valley filled with bones.” (Ezekiel 37:1 NLT) God then asked Ezekiel if those bones would ever live again. Ezekiel, remembering that he was talking to God, replied; “You alone know the answer to that.” Ezekiel was acknowledging that God doesn’t operate with mans limited abilities. This opens the door for God to do the unimaginable.

SECOND: Those Bones were commanded to LISTEN! Nothing could have happened until they LISTENED to the Word of the Lord! It isn’t enough to be aware that God is speaking; we must steal away and LISTEN to what the Lord is speaking to us. The King James Bible says ‘HEAR.’ The original Hebrew word spoken to Ezekiel was, shâma‛ (shaw-mah’)  – A primitive root; to hear intelligently (often with implication of attention, obedience, etc.; causatively to tell, etc.): –  X attentively, call (gather) together, X carefully, X certainly, consent, consider, be content, declare, X diligently, discern, give ear,

Wow! This direct order for those bones to listen wasn’t a passive, insincere call to partial awareness, but a Divine call to attention! Did you get this definition; ‘to hear intelligently?’ Descriptive words like ‘attention’, ‘obedience’, ‘diligently’, and ‘carefully’, are all part of the definition of that word, ‘LISTEN.’ When God is speaking, stand at attention and grasp every word, for it is those Words that bring hope to hopeless situations! The Universe LISTENS to the Word of the Lord and responds accordingly, and so should we.

THIRD: Those bones had been there a very long time, and nobody sat and watched that valley of bones expecting anything to happen. There wasn’t any hope for them to ever live again UNTIL there was a Prophetic Word from the Lord.  It was that Prophetic Word that called those bones to attention. Dry bones have no purpose. It was that Prophetic Word that gave the first sign of hope! The difference between that valley of dead bones and other dry bones was that Prophetic Word that came forth.  Ezekiel wasn’t instructed to give a Pretty Word, or a Comforting Word, but a PROPHETIC Word. Prophetic Words come from God and they speak of His Intentions and His Promises. Prophetic Words often come before action, because they BRING the action.

FORTH: As those bones began to listen, Ezekiel Prophesied God’s intention for them to live again! He didn’t simply say ‘Bones, you will live again,’ but He prophesied HOW they would began to live again.

I love the awesome Power of the Word from Gods Mouth. In the beginning, He could have simply willed earth into creation, the same with light and vegetation, and it would have sprung forth. The Word tells us that He Spoke it from His mouth; “LET THERE BE!” There is life in His words; we should always remember to LISTEN for those Words of Life!

FIFTH: As Ezekiel Prophesied, and as those Bones LISTENED, there came a great rattling noise! I don’t know if that noise was a pretty noise or not, but we have to remember that dead bones make no noise at all! Sometimes, when God breathes life into your situation, you may hear some not so pretty sounds. Just thank God that you hear any sound at all, it’s all coming together! The Word came forth, it was heard and received, and those lives were re-created as a Mighty Army!

God’s people have entered a New Season of Outpouring! There are people, even entire congregations, who are like those Dry Bones. It may look impossible to you, it may look impossible to others around you, but God is preparing to release an opportunity to live again. Don’t miss it! The Word is going out, be listening for it. When you hear that Word, receive it, grasp it firmly, and prepare to live like you have never lived before! You may have missed you Purpose before you became Dry Bones, but will now be full of Purpose; ‘a Mighty Army!’

Some of us aren’t quite Dry Bones, but we have become weary in our Purpose; hoping we are still on track, but really not sure anymore. Be Listening! God will call to life the enthusiasm and drive you once felt for your Purpose. This time, you will have a new life and a new power to go forth with a full understanding of your Purpose, as a Mighty Army!

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