Enter Your Spiritual Destiny!

What a great start to the New Year! It feels like I have been caught up in a whirlwind of events that have me anxiously anticipating the greatest move of the Holy Spirit that I have ever witnessed. We are standing on a mountain of Promise from God that is coming alive in this new season.

We have entered a great season, spiritually.  We are going to see a door open that will allow us to walk into our Spiritual Destiny! Everything we have successfully completed in the last season will be rewarded in the Great Harvest of this new season. Sadly, many people did not take advantage of their abilities in the last season and those abilities and tools have now been taken back by the Master who decides how to distribute them. (Story of the talents in Matthew 25:15) Now, as a pastor, I feel bad for those who are being stripped of their abilities and opportunities, but as one who delights in building God’s Kingdom, I am like an eager child waiting to un-wrap His next great Blessings!

Individuals, Churches, Business’s, Groups and Organizations around the world became so caught up in religion, whether it was that ‘Old Time Religion’ or the modern ‘Let Me Entertain You’ religion, and they missed an opportunity to be embraced by God and His Glory. Others saw it, seized it, and are walking into great Blessings because of it! It may not be easy to tell the Faithful Servants from the Foolish Servants in this hour, but a settling of accounts is happening even as I type these words, I know that deep in my spirit.  As I was spending time in prayer at the end of last year, I heard the Holy Spirit speak with clarity, “The time for planting (in this season) is over!” I immediately felt an excitement. I know what I have been planting!

As 2011 begins to unfold, we must walk closer to God than ever before. This is a New Season, a season of walking into our Spiritual Destiny. This is the season of a Great Harvest of Souls.  Churches that get serious with God and turn from religious tradition, social group therapy, and entertainment driven formats, will begin to reflect the Early Church and build themselves up by leading people to Christ. How long has it been since you have seen a church fill to overflow with new converts to Christ? This can be your church in this season!

Grab hold of Gods Promises and Blessings in this New Season! There is also a great transferring of anointing in this season. Please hear what I am saying here; many elders who have carried a great anointing to build the Kingdom of God have the ability to pass on that anointing to those who desire and seek to have it. If you are one of those who are coming into your season of completion, note this and understand the treasure that you hold. Don’t transfer that treasure foolishly, watch for those who you know will value your vision and take it to closer to completion!

There is another side to this New Season that will begin to reveal itself in early 2011 that will bring excitement to the church and fear to the world. I will discuss that in my next blog soon!

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