I am Thankful and Blessed

As we gathered the family together to celebrate Thanksgiving today, I began to reflect on all the blessings in my life. God has indeed been good to me. I have a wife who is truly my closest friend and my one true love, children who God has chosen to bless generations after me, good health, my needs are met and my bills are paid. I am blessed by having a rich Christian heritage that created a foundation in which I can build every dream and surround my family with love, peace, and the understanding of our Lord, Jesus Christ.
It isn’t that I have lived above the storms of this life, for I have found myself far too often walking through the ‘Valley of the shadow of death.’ It is by walking through those valleys that I have gained my greatest blessings. If I could be offered a chance to undo the bad things I have experienced over the years and turn back time to have a clean start, I would refuse the offer if it required me to return the wisdom, favor, and rich blessings, that I gained through those battles. The lessons I have learned and the memories of my Heavenly Father holding me in those dark hours are of more value to me than purest gold!
• I am thankful for my life; it has been designed by a Loving God.
• I am thankful for my family, an undeserved blessing from a Father who knows the value of a family.
• I am thankful for my victories; granted by the Hand of God who is always Faithful
• I am thankful for the wisdom, assurance, and the confidence, that only comes by walking through the many dark valleys, trusting and holding His Hand.
I am thankful that my life is rich, and satisfying, which has always been His purpose for me. That ‘thief’ intended to destroy me, but he was unable to harm me!(John 10:10 NLT) The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.

So this Thanksgiving I am thankful for all my many blessings. Most of all, I am thankful for a God who loved me so much that He sent his Son to die on a brutal Cross so that I could live. I am thankful for a Christ who looked beyond my faults and saw my need for a Savior. I am thankful that through His love, I am able to love others as He has loved me, so that through me, they might find HIM!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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