God’s Time Zone

After praying for many months for something I felt required an immediate response from God, I found myself thinking how great it would be if God’s time lined up with our time.

A few days ago, I read about a bright flash from the brightest star explosion ever recorded. The story said the explosion took place about 5 BILLION years ago, and it took that long for the light to reach us. WOW, 5 billion years? Let me ask you this; how long did that flash of light take to reach God?

Isn’t it great that God is not on our time schedule? I would hate to think that God is just now receiving distress calls from 5 Billion years ago! The amazing thing is that God is in the farthest regions of the Universe, yet He is an arms length away from us here on this planet. I am thankful that God is not restrained by mans limits on time and distance. The delays that annoy us are not HIS delays, but most likely they are because of the extra time it takes to get us in line to receive. Whatever the reason, just remember not to ask God to be on YOUR schedule, unless you have 5 billion years to wait!


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