When Protesting Christians Are Not Christ-like

I am certain that what I share in this blog will be seen as controversial and even blasphemous to some. What I am going to say just needs to be said, so here I go!

We live in such a politically correct society today and the effects of that are defined in our ideas and morals. Even the Church has been tremendously impacted by our modern desire to be inclusive and tolerant. The truth is that being inclusive and tolerant are actually two Christian principles (in their purest form). Satan has accomplished another one of his devious capers in his redefining of these two Godly principles. As a result, society has become accustom to defining ‘tolerance’ as acceptance. This should never be! Tolerance means that we are willing to recognize that some people have ideas or ways that are in conflict with our own.

While I have a serious problem with the Church giving approval to sin, I have an equal problem with those groups who are dedicated to the work of protesting sinners and even trying to physically prevent them from sinning by intimidation or harassment. Actually, I have a huge problem with those protest groups who make a mockery of the love of Christ. I see more damage brought on the reputation of the Church by the hand of these groups than I do from likes of the famous fallen Super Star preachers!

It’s amazing to see one protest group point their finger at the other and shake their heads in shame when they are all a disgrace to the Kingdom of God. It’s true some are more repulsive than others, such as those that protest our slain Military Hero’s, but in reality they are all working to discredit the Message of Christ. Before you click this page off in anger, let me show you my reasoning according to the Word:

1. Jesus did not hang out in front of the bars, strip joints, or any other place trying to shame and intimidate sinners into repentance. In fact, instead of demeaning and screaming religious rhetoric at sinners, Jesus went to their house and ate. By treating them with love and respect, He was able to share His message of an Abundant Life and win them to the Father.
2. In John chapter 8, Jesus happened upon a group of protesters who decided to enforce their religious rhetoric on a woman who was caught in the act of adultery. Instead of picking up and waving a sign that advertised the fate of adulterers, Jesus spoke a few words of conviction; “He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first.” Jesus showed true tolerance and compassion. When Jesus looked up and saw the woman’s accusers had gone, he said to her; “Where are your accusers? Didn’t even one of them condemn you?”
“No, Lord,” she said. And Jesus said, “Neither do I. Go and sin no more.”
3. Paul didn’t walk through the streets of Rome condemning the people’s choice of Gods to worship. Instead of turning them off by his accusing behavior, he introduced some of them to the True Living God.

I could go on for some time, but I think you have enough here to get the point. Some Ministers and Groups try to impose the Gospel instead of offering the Gospel the way God intended for it to be delivered; freely and by choice! Attempts are made to block people from sin by force, even by legislation and enforcement. I have news for you; sin cannot be stopped by legislation! (On the other hand, laws should not be written to endorse sin either.)

In the news today I read of a woman in Iran who has been charged with adultery. She has already received 99 lashes and is currently awaiting execution by stoning. This is the same logic from the same devil that drives religious protests. I have news for some of you; people have a GOD GIVEN right to choose sin! It was God Himself who put one tree in the Garden and said, “Don’t eat from this one.” God warned them of the consequences of sin, but He did not attempt to block their path to that tree. Instead, God provided a garden full of other choices that were freely available to Adam and Eve. God made it clear that the one tree had devastating consequences, but yet he let the tree remain so that man would have the right to choose right from wrong. This should be an example of our own approach to sinners today!

Rick King

**Verses taken from the Message Translation Bible

1 thought on “When Protesting Christians Are Not Christ-like

  1. In response to some emails about this post, mostly supportive, I would like to clarify a few things that have been questioned.

    First, the issue of abortion. Abortion is a crime against the innocent unborn and it is our duty as Christians and as good citizens to take advantage of our political freedom and fight this barbaric practice. However, we should not resort to name-calling and violence aimed at the pro-choice side. We DO need to stand by our principles and do our best to educate and reveal the true story of abortion to the public. Accepting the right to abortion is never an option. Remember that our effectiveness in changing minds depends a lot on the way we deliver the message. No one has the right to harm another, especially a child.

    Second, as Christians we do not need to sit quietly by and allow or government to side with evil. As Americans, we have a valuable say in what happens in our country and we should use that right. We can oppose the breakup of traditional marriage; the harmful effects of legalized drugs on our families and other issues and should do so. It doesn’t do any good to pursue these things by camping outside of homes or meeting places with signs proclaiming they are all hell-bound. It is a waste of time and energy to attempt changing people’s morals with protest tactics. Besides, why concentrate the fight over the symptoms of sin while ignoring the cause; an absence of Christ? Remember the old adage; ‘Hate the sin and love the sinner.’ That’s how you win people to Christ and change the world.

    I DO NOT believe Christians should accept sin or turn a blind eye to sin. Acting foolish in our approach to sin disarms our powerful testimony and impairs our impact. It is near impossible to witness to someone after they have been deeply offended by one of these protest groups.

    And finally, I want to make a distinction between those who show up at bars, strip clubs, Pride Parades, and like events to protest, from those who turn up at such events to share the Gospel. If you are showing up to share Jesus at an event such as these, remember that you are representing Christ and be Christ-like. Don’t be pushy or condemning.

    **For Mary T: You do have a right to fight an adult business starting up on you block, but you fight it on the basis of that alone, it’s your neighborhood. State your rightful concerns in your protest. They have a right to sin but they can carry out that right to the outskirts of town. ☺

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