Pride Makes You UGLY!

I LOVE working with people who have NO experience! Their humbleness is refreshing and God can use them. Some people have talent but are so full of PRIDE that they miss what God is doing. “The humble will see their God at work and be glad”…….. Psalms 69:32 NLT

Have you ever noticed that once people allow themselves to become full of pride their talents ring empty? As Pastor I love it when someone nervously approaches a task or assignment. They feel a little apprehensive because they realize they are not ‘all that.’ With that approach, you become humble, and when you are humble you know you NEED God. When you NEED God, He shows up. When He shows up, It’s GLORIOUS! In the Church setting, pride is really nasty. The word tells us it’s even demonic! There is no place for pride in any church. Pride seperates you from God. In fact, it put’s so much distance between you and God you won’t recognize His Presence, nor will you desire to be anywhere His Presence is! The Word say’s “Pride comes before the fall,’ and gives many examples in the Old and New Testaments to confirm that fact.

Keep a humble heart! If you want God’s favor, you MUST be humble. Your pride is foolishness and is of the wrong spirit, indeed. Pride drove Lucifer to rebel and fall, surely you won’t be able to escape its corruptible power!

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