I read about a wreck where the driver ran her car across a center median, past oncoming cars, through a guardrail, grassy area, a side street, and landed in someone’s living room. The police report said the driver was ‘distracted.’ (You think?) Now we can read this and scratch are heads with wonder, but the fact is we face greater dangers than this almost daily because of our distractions. Our hands might not be on the wheel, but our entire destiny, our children’s salvation, you name it is in our hands and we become distracted and forget our priorities.

Have you ever noticed that distractions always come at a bad time? That’s what they are designed to do. I don’t believe that every distraction comes from the devil, but I do agree that a large percentage of them do! It’s the greatest weapon he has to keep you fighting the small fires while he fans the flames. Of course his greatest reward for this comes when we get so distracted we forget to spend time in prayer. (He really hates it when we pray!)

Today we are in the most exciting time in history. It doesn’t take great wisdom to see that we are walking trough that time in history that is leading up to the return of Christ. I believe that if we look at the ways God has sacrificed and moved Heaven and Earth to love us, we should be convinced that before He returns we will see a great move of Gods love sweeping over this planet like never in history! It may not last long, and it will most certainly be followed with trouble this world has never known.  (Jesus even talked about that) We do NOT want to miss this wave of great love! It is an opportunity for Christians to extend a hand to the many who are searching for Christ. I believe this is a season of the Harvest of Souls. The lost are all around you, they need Christ, and they are headed for an eternity without God!

Doors will open, opportunities to witness will come to you like never before. They are ready to hear you like never before, don’t allow yourself to be distracted! In this season, God is standing by to give you every resource needed to do His work in this Harvest. The enemy knows this and will try every trick he owns to change your focus. STAY ALERT! Don’t allow yourself to be distracted like that driver I told you about that ended up in a strange place.

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