I have learned so much about forgiveness over the past couple of years. In fact, I am in the process of writing a book on that subject that is scheduled to be published later in the year titled, ‘Deliver Us from Evil.’

My family stood face to face with the dark forces of evil a short time ago and it has forever changed our lives. Lies, betrayal, and every form of slander designed in the shadows of Hell came to us through the hands of people that we considered to be our loved ones. To make matters worse, the hypocrisy of those who came against us kept them somewhat cloaked until they were exposed by the Holy Spirit. We walked alone because we couldn’t be sure who to trust, even suspicious of our closest loved ones.

Going through this valley, I learned what it was like to face depression. For the first time in my life, I truly wanted to simply die. I knew my only hope was to hold fast to the Promises I found in the Word. My faith had kept me through a childhood of attacks and attempts of the enemy to shape my life in his favor, and through the many crooked paths that got me this far. I knew it would find me in this dark valley as well. Thank God it did!

I would love to tell you that I am completely free from the pains of the past, but that would be a stretch. I can tell you that I laugh countless times a day, because the Joy of the Lord floods my soul! My family lives in triumph, a testimony to the Greatness of God. Whereas I once read Psalm 35:7-8 every day, I now spend that time praying for the salvation of my enemies. And by the way, Jesus said to pray for our enemies, but He still identified them as ‘Enemies.’ I have learned that forgiveness also means learning to live without someone.  Well don’t linger here, keep moving along!

Above all, I am learning more about the beauty of forgiveness every single day. I have found this to bring great peace and exceeding joy. So long ago, in the Garden of Eden, evil came into this world. It entered through Adam and Eve, more ominous and disturbing than anything this world had ever seen; vile and contemptible EVIL! It was God alone who faced this evil and it was the Great Creator of this universe who stood to combat it.

As God began to do a great work on my spirit, healing things that had been so broken and shattered by the evil my family had faced, He seemed to go to extremes to teach me about the great power of forgiveness. The Holy Spirit began to show me this picture of our Father in the Garden, confronted with the evil that had taken His place of authority on this earth. The Holy Spirit helped me to realize that with all of Gods great and mighty power, and every resource imaginable in His Hand, it was FORGIVENESS that stopped evil in it’s tracks! In fact, there was simply no other weapon that was capable of driving back the darkness of evil. It was and still is FORGIVENESS that removes the threat of that evil in our lives and RESTORES what was left in devastation and ruin.

My problem (as I am sure many of you can relate) is that forgiveness seemed so far out of my reach. Forgiveness always comes at a great price. For months, every time I opened my bible the Holy Spirit would lead me to stories of forgiveness. One of the scriptures the Holy Spirit led me to was Hebrews 9:22: “In fact, according to the law of Moses, nearly everything was purified with blood. For without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness.”

When I read this it came alive in me! Forgiveness has never been easy, and has never came without a great cost, but it is the one and only weapon that is capable of REVERSING the destruction and desecration of evil! If there was another way, God would have used it in the beginning. Not only does forgiveness have the power to destroy the effects of evil, forgiveness is vital to our own health, happiness, and even our existence. God could not live with unforgiveness and neither can we! God was willing to pay the HIGHEST PRICE to forgive. What are you willing to pay?

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