Another Great Leader Goes Home

While we were all busy shopping for Christmas and enjoying quality time with our loved ones, another great leader left us for a better home. Oral Roberts lived a life that reflected God in everything he strived to accomplish. It was impossible to separate Brother Oral from his belief in Christ. Just mention his name anywhere on earth, and everyone instantly knew that you were referring to ‘that preacher.’

As I look back over the years, it is amazing to see the accomplishments of Oral Roberts. From the days of his youth preaching anywhere people would stop and listen, to packing huge tents and auditoriums, and finally doing the impossible; building a University and Health Center. Not bad for an Evangelical ‘Pentecostal’ preacher. Even though his life was constantly in the spotlight, his steadfast commitment to Christ kept Oral Roberts from the horrible scandals that have brought down so many well known ministers today. Sure, Oral Roberts had his share of negative publicity, but from what I could see, it was all petty accusations from people who simply didn’t like Oral or what he stood for.

I will admit that I have a problem with many of the so called ‘Leaders’ in the church today. The television airways are filled with pastors and evangelist who seem to be nothing more than actors, entertainers, or ‘snake oil’ salesman. There are some good ones who continue to spread the true Gospel, you simply have to sort through the mess and you must be willing to be spiritually fed and not only seeking entertainment.

We still have Billy Graham and a few others from the early days of Modern Evangelism who need to be remembered in our prayers daily. We have some younger Men and Women who show much promise today such as Joyce Meyers, Jentezen Franklin, and (my personal favorite) Brian Houston of Australia. We also need to remember these and all our current leaders in prayer as they battle attacks of the enemy every single day. Hold them up in prayer so that they too can say at the end of their life, “I have fought a good fight!”

We will miss Oral Roberts. His work touched so many lives and will continue to reach many others.

Pastor Rick

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