Don’t Worry, But Don’t Slumber!

There is always a certain amount of unrest in life. We go through times when the world seems bright and encouraging, and then we see times of trouble and discouragement. We all have a tendency to worry when we enter into troubled times. Common sense tells us to read the writing on the wall that reveals turmoil ahead. The matter in question today is this; How are you going to manage the uncertainties of tomorrow, today?

Jesus tells us in Matthew 6:34, “So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring it’s own worries. Todays trouble is enough for today.” (NLT) In the preceding scriptures, Jesus teaches that we should not worry about everyday life. He reminds us to consider the lilies of the fields and the sparrows, and remember that God loves us so much more than lilies and sparrows. Yet look how he cares for the lilies and sparrows!

There will be trouble until that final day when our Father says, ‘Enough.’ Jesus also taught us to not worry about the wars, persecutions and things that target our physical bodies, but about the things that pull at our souls. Times of trouble are a time to guard our spiritual well being and draw closer to Christ. There is never a time to panic!

On the other hand, it does us no good to bury our head in the sand and pretend everything is okay. The Bible also instructs us to be ‘vigilant.’ We are warned throughout the Word not to ‘slumber.’ We are to be wise and know how to address the situations we face each day without panic and desperation, standing firm in our faith.

So remember that as christians we should stay vigilant, be aware of our adversaries plans, but stop wringing our hands. WE ARE OVERCOMERS!

Pastor Rick King

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