I’m Not Sure, But I Heard……

I’m Not Sure, But I Heard……

Those are six words that most always bring trouble. Most people would never want to be guilty of ‘Bearing False Witness’ or ‘Lying’ on someone, but if they can pull a nasty accusation behind those six words, “I’m not sure, but I heard,’ it makes it easier to do. Anytime you hear those six little words, take heed. That combination of words usually have an abundance of garbage in tow.

What is it that makes people want to ‘bring someone down to size?’ They never attack someone as long as they are keeping a low profile and not acheiving any good works, but just let them see you trying to do something noble! And the worse part is that this is idle gossip, designed to destroy someones charector or credibility, which is simply EVIL.

The driving force behind evil is the devil. Evil is an actual reflection of his personality. The sad thing here is that the way this type of evil is delivered, it does not always appear to be the devil. In fact, it rarely looks evil. It comes at the hand of our closest friends, relatives, and church people. Remember that Trojan Horse story? We know how to spot evil when we see moms drowning their children, or men and women strapping bombs to their waist and walking into a family restaurant, or armed men firing into a gathering at a local church. This is easily identifiable evil. But this isn’t the favorite weapon of the devil because IT ISNT THE MOST EFFECTIVE!

The most effective weapon of the enemy is so successful because he is able to sneak it past the eyes of even the most seasoned saints. That favored weapon is…….. ACCUSATIONS! (Revelation 12:10)

The accuser worked through Jezebel to kill Naboth so she could steal his vineyard. (1Kings 21:9-10)

The accuser worked through Tobiah and Sanballat to stop Nehemiah from rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. They accused Nehemiah of building his own Kingdom and planning a revolt against the King. (Nehemiah 6:8-9)

And isn’t it funny how a accusers will stand up and quote that scripture about everything being confirmed by two or three witnesses? They don’t understand that the word says WITNESSES. It doesn’t say two or three ACCUSERS! Satan can manufacture enough accusers to qualify for their own Zip Code. A ‘witness’ is someone who has a ‘TRUTHFUL’ reputation and was an actual eye witness to an event.

There are those who have evil in their heart and desire to do evil to good people. The Word tells us to pray for them and also warns that the evil that they plan for good people, will instead come to them. (This is why we should pray for them.) Remember that not everyone who gets caught up in the delivery of accusations are evil people, but they are aligning themselves with the evil one, and are on dangerous grounds.

And finally, what is the purpose of satans accusations? Satan doesn’t need a shred of evidence, most likely there is no evidence. He doesn’t need to ‘prove’ anything, there usually isn’t anything to prove. His success comes from casting a shadow of doubt on your character. It will be more difficult for you to be an effective witness to your neighbor, your relative, even your own children, if they look at you and question your character because someone said, “I don’t know, but I have heard…”

Don’t get caught up in the gossip!

Have you ever heard that term, ‘character assassination?’ That is probably the best description for this type of gossip. This is why the Bible compares bearing false witness to ‘murder.’ Keep that in mind when you feel the urge to participate in this destructive behavior. It might just save us all a lot of grief!

Pastor Rick King

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