Right On Track?

I have been having a great time the past several days preparing my message for November 1,  ‘Are We On Track?’

We get so busy headed to our bright future that we often don’t even realize that we have drifted from our goals. It is important to stop along the way and evaluate were we are, were we came from, and where we are actually going. It’s good to have a vision, but we must realize that visions are derailed and hijacked every day.

Jesus constantly guarded His heart and mind against the distractions that sought to pull Him away from His purpose. He could have allowed Himself to become overwhelmed by the never- ending needs of those around Him and missed His divine purpose. It usually isn’t the bad things that pull good people off course, but simply their desire to do good deeds. They can become so busy caring for the tormented that they have no time to seek and destroy the tormentor!

I see too many churches that have labored and struggled to become what they had envisioned in the beginning, but evolved into something that didn’t even resemble the original vision. They may be successful in the worlds eyes, but to the founders, those churches are a monument to failure. Their vision was side tracked along the way.

The best way to prevent arriving at the wrong station is to be firmly planted on the right tracks from the beginning. Pay special attention at those crossroads, and stop every so often and inventory your life to see if you are ‘Right On Track!

-Pastor Rick

2 thoughts on “Right On Track?

  1. Recently moved a church from one “warehouse” to another “warehouse” in which we expect a greater harvest as we pray to the Lord of the Harvest for a greater supply of laborers from the new field He has set apart and assigned to us, trusting us to add souls to His Kingdom!!!

    Thanks be to God for available “WAREHOUSES”!!!

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